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Our project offers designer flower design for interesting people who love flowers and understand that there is a great variety of noteworthy flowers all around the world. Our aim is to create such a bouquet, as our customer would do himself, if he could.

We work with the biggest providers, the best of them. The flowers are purchased straight from the auction in Holland are delivered in Chisinau under special temperature conditions.

We are always looking for the most precious flower throughout the world, so we can please you and create a unique composition, bouquet, decoration!


Design Bouquets

Cranberry Juice Preorder 3 hours
Morning Fresh Preorder 3 hours
Apricot Pie Preorder 3 hours
Caramel Dreamer Preorder 3 hours
Lilo Gem Preorder 3 hours
Pure orchids Preorder 3 hours
Young and Tender Preorder 3 hours
Lilac Moon Preorder 3 hours
Spring breath Preorder 3 hours
Fresh & Clear Preorder 3 hours

Work hours

10:00 - 18:30

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